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At about 10:00 o’clock in the morning of June 01, 2015, PSSUPT FROILAN DE GUZMAN PEREZ, RC, NELCIDU conducted Police Information and Continuing Education (PICE) to the personnel of this unit. 


On June 7, 2015 at 11:00 O’clock in the morning the Regional Advisory Group (RAC) of this unit held its monthly regular meeting at the function room of Salvi’s Grill, Jaro, Iloilo City. In attendance were four (4) regular members out of ten(10), although there was no qourum but as per guidance by GD during the February Command conference the RAC meeting continue as schedule. PSSUPT PETER NGIPOL NABOYE. RC, 6thRCIDU-CIDG discussed some salient points of the PATROL PLAN 2030, especially the status of the PNP PGS system and the requirements of the upcoming  RCIDU performance audit. Included in the topic discussed were the status of other RAC members and the oath taking of new RAC members including the regular monthly meetings. PSSUPT PETER NGIPOL NABOYE informed the members regarding the guidance of the CIDG Director that even there is no qourum the RAC meeeting will go on so long as there are 3 or more regular members in attendance. The members in attendance agreed since all the RAC members belongs to the working class either in the government or private sector. Mr Manny Gruenberg the RAC secretary discussed that in order for the council to survive, the commitment of each members should be encourage. 



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