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CIDG Proposed Seal and Symbolism

  • CIRCLE – symbolizes the solidarity and unity of the CIDG as an organization. It is also reflective on the Group’s dictum that it operates within the parameter of law;
  • EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE – signifies the CIDG’s commitment for a fair and impartial discharge of its mandate. The equilateral triangle is also taken from the field of honor of the Philippine National Flag and is rooted from the war standards of the early Katipunan;
  • STARS – stand for the nationwide jurisdiction of the CIDG covering the three (3) major territorial subdivisions of the Philippines namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao;
  • SCALE – The scale at the center of the triangle symbolizes justice and equality before the law;
  • Laurel Leaves – a traditional symbol of excellence and dignity, it also represents the glorious and most noble recognition of the CIDG’s accomplishments being at the forefront in the country’s formidable fight against criminality;
  • Open Book – Implies the CIDG’s steadfast yearning for sustainable acquisition of knowledge in the field of criminal investigation for a dynamic growth in the law enforcement profession;
  • CIDG MOTTO “WE SEEK THE TRUTH” – signifies the CIDG’s oath of ascertaining the truth in the investigation of criminal offenses established through an objective and scientific acquisition of factual evidences;
  • The Magnifying Lens –symbolizes the CIDG‘s unwavering determination in the quest for truth behind a criminal offense and the certainty in the equal and impartial dispensation of justice
  • CIDG & PNP Inscriptions – Indicate the indispensability of the CIDG as a National Operational Support Unit and as being the premier investigative unit of the Philippine National Police. The CIDG inscription is written in white to symbolize purity, honor and transparency in carrying its mission, objectives and functions while the PNP inscription is colored Gold which represents higher ideals, wisdom, great value. The black background of the circle represents power, strength, authority and aggression in the performance of CIDG’s operational tasks; and,
  • The Five Pillars of the CJS – Infusing the 5 pillars of the CJS indicates the PNP’s belief and support in ensuring the effective and efficient collaboration of the pillars of criminal justice as an institution, particularly in upholding the rule of law, bringing criminal offenders to justice and guarantee the protection and security of the citizenry.

The Colors:

  1. Gold – represents higher ideals, wisdom, great value, power and strength, which are also reflective of the PNP’s character and integrity in the fulfillment of its mission and functions.
  2. White– for purity, honor and transparency in carrying out the mission, objectives and functions of CIDG.
  3. Maroon and Red – reflects the bravery of CIDG personnel amidst danger and challenges of its duties and mandates.
  4. Shades of Blue – symbolizes reliability and imagination that bespeaks on the innovative approaches that CIDG applies in handling criminal investigations.
  5. Black – represents power, strength, authority and aggression in the performance of CIDG’s operational tasks.


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