A Traffic Enforcer of the MMDA was arrested by virtue of a Warrant of Arrest (WOA) by combined elements of the CIDG Northern DFU, DSOU NPD, Valenzuela CPS and RID NCRPO on Wednesday (January 29, 2020) at about 7:30 PM in R2 Prudencia St., Marulas, Valenzuela City.

The suspect was identified by PLTCOL ARNOLD THOMAS IBAY, Regional Chief of the CIDG NCR as 26-year-old GLICERIO VALDEMOR y DAVID, who is wanted for the crime of Attempted Homicide.

The said WOA was issued by Hon. Teresita Asuncion Lacandula-Rodriguez, Presiding Judge of Br. 81 MTC, Valenzuela City.

Based on the report to PMGEN JOEL NAPOLEON M CORONEL, CIDG Director, Valdemor is tagged as the No. 10 Most Wanted Person (MWP) in Valenzuela City and is now awaiting to be turned-over to the court of origin. ###