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The Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) celebrates its 67th Founding Anniversary having the theme, “Kaagapay sa Tapat na Pagsisiyasat, Tungo sa Pag-unlad” with Solicitor General Jose C. Calida as the Guest of Honor and Speaker held at the PNP Multi-Purpose Center, Camp BGen Rafael T Crame, Quezon City on February 10, 2020 at about 10:00 AM.

The celebration is highlighted with the presentation of plaques of recognition to the men and women of the CIDG, who immensely contributed to the overall accomplishment of the CIDG’s mission and functions.

Another highlight of the celebration was the presentation of an audio-visual presentation (AVP) which showcased the CIDG’s accomplishment on the recent year that greatly contributed to the overall effort of the PNP in crime prevention and crime solution.

For the period from January 1 to December 31, 2019, the CIDG conducted a total of 6,955 manhunt operations against wanted persons. Out of these numbers, the Group arrested 15 National MWPs; 41 Regional MWPs; 141 Provincial MWPs; 910 City/Municipal MWPs, 684 WP with heinous cases and 5,275 other wanted persons. Out of the 2,469 leaders/members of criminal gangs, 298 are DI-listed and 2,171 are unlisted.

On the campaign against loose firearms, a total of 1,630 operations were conducted that resulted in the arrest of 1,341 and death of 53 persons, seizure of 2,055 firearms, 578 explosives and 36,034 ammunition, and filing of 827 cases.

In the campaign against violations of the IPR Code, Smuggling, Manufacturing, Distribution and Trading of Counterfeit Products/Items, the Group conducted 46 operations that resulted in the arrest of 82 persons; confiscation/seizure of counterfeit items worth Php319,530,140.00 and the filing of 16 cases in court.

In the campaign against Illegal Recruitment/Trafficking of Migrant Workers, this Group conducted 22 operations that resulted in the arrest of 30 individuals, and the filing of 18 cases in the courts.

For Other Law Enforcement Activities, this Group conducted 1,671 operations that resulted in the arrest of 4,012 individuals and the filing of 1,413 cases in courts.
The Group’s campaign against Unlawful Destruction of Natural Resources resulted in a total of 199 operations with 342 persons arrested and confiscation/recovery of illegally cut lumber and other items worth Php7,291,543.16.

For calendar year 2019, the CIDG investigated a total of 4,243 criminal cases of which, 247 are classified as Index Crimes while 3,996 are Non-Index Crimes. Of these cases, 4,195 were filed in court. This yielded a Crime Solution Efficiency of 84.68% and Investigative Case Clearance Efficiency of 98.87%. Out of the 176 heinous and sensational crimes investigated or handled, 128 were filed in court.

On the aspect of International Cooperation, CIDG made several efforts which include monitoring and assisting in the investigation of cases involving foreign nationals and monitored the arrest of 60 foreign nationals.

In order to keep pace of its commitment in “seeking the truth,” the CIDG, for the year 2019 strengthen its manpower capability through recruitment and training programs. A total of 348 recruits took their oath as Patrolmen and Patrolwomen and underwent the Public Safety Basic Recruit Course (PSBRC). Various Seminars and Trainings such as the Criminal Investigation Course (CIC) and Detection and Special Operation Training (DSOT) were also conducted.

Solicitor Calida, in his message, said that he is honored to speak before his fellow warriors, the Officers and men of the CIDG and stand before them with overflowing gratitude for their incalculable sacrifices to the nation. That ever since the establishment of the CIDG in 1953, it has acted as the wall guarding the realms of the Republic, that indeed, the personnel of the CIDG are the Republic Defenders.

He added that the OSG will never stop short of its mandate to provide excellent legal support to the CIDG in its mission to investigate criminal activities and operation against notorious syndicates. It is his hope that the civilian-police cooperation will continue to open perspective about the importance of competence sharing, resource maximization, and agency cooperation. As his final message, Solicitor General Calida stated that the CIDG and OSG are the principal shield of the State. The CIDG implements the law and OSG defends the Law. The CIDG’s enemy is OSG’s enemy and they only serve one master, the will of the People of the Republic of the Philippines.

With PMGEN JOEL NAPOLEON M CORONEL at the helm, the CIDG will continue to update its programs and initiatives, optimizing both its logistical and human resources in order to achieve the vision of becoming a dynamic, responsible and well-equipped primary investigative arm manned by the best qualified and highly motivated professionals in search for truth and justice. ###