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A Dutch national was arrested during the implementation of a Search Warrant (SW) on February 11, 2020 (Tuesday) at around 12:47 PM at the boundary of Brgy Okiot and Brgy Capiñahan, Bais City, Negros Oriental.
In his report to PMGEN JOEL NAPOLEON M CORONEL, CIDG Director, Regional Chief, PCOL ROMMEL OCHAVE, stated that his men from RFU 7 and Negros Oriental PFU, together with the RIU7, 1st and 2nd PMFC, Bais CPS, and Negros Oriental PPO implemented the said SW against Dutch national, CAROLUS ANDRIANUS HENRICUS DE LEEUW that resulted in his arrest and the confiscation of the following pieces of evidence:
1. One (1) caliber .45 pistol;
2. One (1) caliber .380 pistol;
3. Four (4) magazines;
4. 203 rounds of assorted ammunition;
5. 245 assorted empty shells;
6. Four (4) expired firearms license cards under the name of Amelia Lourdes U Mendoza;
7. Two (2) expired PTFOR under the name of Amelia Lourdes U Mendoza; and
8. One (1) black plastic firearms case.
The SW was issued by Hon. Rosario Carriaga, Executive Judge, Bais City, RTC of Negros Oriental, 7th Judicial Region.
A case for violation of RA 10591 otherwise known as the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Law will be filed against the Dutch national while the CIDG is conducting continuous investigation on the connection of the arrested person to the owner of the expired license cards. ###