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Two (2) Koreans under police custody of the CIDG Southern Metro Manila DFU Detention Cell, SPD Compound, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, escaped on Saturday evening (October 10, 2020 at around 11:45 PM). 

The escapees were identified as HYEOK SOO KWON and YEONG JUN LIM, who were arrested through an entrapment operation last June 22, 2020 in Paranaque City for violations of RA 8484 in relation to RA 10175 and Slight Illegal Detention.  The two were also fugitives from their home country (Korea) facing 10 year jail time for the crime of Telephone Fraud and are listed in the Red Notice of INTERPOL. 

Accordingly, YEONG JUN LIM pretended to answer the call of nature and asked the duty jailer to unlock the padlock of the cell.  Upon opening of the cell door, YEONG JUN LIM suddenly choked and punched the duty jailer on the face and different parts of his body, while HYEOK SOO KWON helped in mauling the said duty jailer.  The duo took the service firearm of the duty jailer and made their way out by jumping out the window at the 2nd floor of the CIDG Southern DFU Office. 

Pursuit police operation was immediately conducted by joint elements of CIDG, SPD DMFB, and Base Police which resulted in the rearrest of KWON HYEOK SOON.  He was found hiding in a construction site along Lawton Avenue, Brgy Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City the following day, October 11, 2020 (Sunday) at about 1:00 AM. Meanwhile, continuous tracing or tracking of possible whereabouts of YEONG JUN LIM is being conducted.  

In response to the CIDG Director’s directive, the said duty jailer was relieved from duty and was placed under restrictive custody.  Likewise, the CIDG is conducting a thorough investigation on the incident.  He will be charged both administratively and criminally if the investigation finds him liable to the incident, said CIDG.   ###