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On Tuesday afternoon (October 13, 2020 at around 4:15 PM) at Century Mall, Makati City, a Korean National was nabbed during an entrapment operation conducted by police operatives of CIDG Manila DFU.

 The said Korean national was identified as KIM JONG GIL, who according to the complaint lodged by KIM CHONG MIN and JI SOON, duped them and ran away with their money. 

In KIM CHONG MIN’s statement, he transacted with the suspect last September 10, 2020 to exchange his Philippine Peso money amounting to Php230,000.00 in Korean Won and transfer it to his sister’s Korean bank account in Korea.  After the complainants gave the money to the suspect, the latter told them that he had run out of load so he could not access the internet to make the transfer.  After which, he told the complainants that he will buy some load at a nearby 7/11 store. 

The suspect left his bag to the complainants where he allegedly placed the money, then left and never returned.  KIM CHONG MIN opened the bag and envelope inside it, only papers and tissue were inside but the money was gone.  The complainant tried to contact the suspect but to no avail, thus the filing of complaint and the conduct of police operation.

 A poseur Korean national transacted with KIM JONG GIL and agreed to meet in a pizza house in front of Watsons, Century Mall.  While waiting with the suspect, the CIDG police operatives strategically positioned themselves in a nearby area.  And once the money was handed to the suspect, the arrest immediately took effect.  Recovered from KIM JONG GIL’s possession were the following pieces of evidence: 

  • 7/11 Paper Bag containing two (2) DTR Cards, tissue paper (arranged in the same way as a bundle of money);
  • Envelope containing the marked money; and
  • Samsung Note 10 Lite.

 Other victims narrated the same modus operandi by the suspect.  The Korean suspect was brought to the CIDG Manila DFU and a case for Estafa/Swindling is being readied for filing.   ###