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CIDG manhunt operations in Negros Occidental, Navotas City Jail, Laguna, Cagayan, and Occidental Mindoro led to the apprehension of five (5) Most Wanted Persons on June 25, 2021.

CIDG Negros Occidental PFU together with Pontevedra MPS, RMFB6 Intel Negros, 1st NOCPMFC and 4th SOU MG arrested 28-year-old ROPERT ADLIT ABKILAN in Brgy. Maryna, Binalbagan, Negros Occidental by virtue of Bench Warrant of Arrest (WOA) for four (4) counts of Estafa docketed under CC No. 3587, 3588, 3589, 3590 issued by Hon. BIENVENIDO BURLAT LLANES JR, Presiding Judge of MTC Pontevedra, Negros Occidental dated June 3, 2021 with NO BAIL bond recommended.

A WOA dated January 21, 2019 issued by Hon. VICTORIANO BAÑEZ CABANOS, Presiding Judge of National Capital Judicial Region, RTC Branch 23, Caloocan City was served to ORLANDO SITO y ARAGON, 46 years old in Navotas City Jail for violation of RA 9165 Article 2 Section 11 docketed under Criminal Case No. 113654 with NO BAIL recommended.

No. 6 MWP of Laguna PPO Teresa Esteban y Pascua, 46 years old, female was arrested by CIDG Laguna PFU together with PIU Laguna PPO and Biñan CPS by virtue of WOA for the Violation of Sec. 6 in rel. to Sec. 7 of RA 8042 as amended by RA 10022 (Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995), 3 counts, with CC# 2712-B-2021, 2713-B-2021 & 2714-B-2021 respectively, issued by Hon. ARMIN NOEL B. VILLAMONTE, Presiding Judge of RTC, Branch 155, Biñan City, Laguna dated June 11, 2021 with NO BAIL recommended for each case.

49-year-old JERALDINE PAGULAYAN TULIAO, No. 10 TMWP City level of BCPO for the 2nd Quarter 2021 was arrested in Purok 4, Alimanao, Peñablanca, Cagayan by CIDG Baguio CFU, BCPO Pacdal PS 3, CIU, Baguio CIT-RIU 14, RECU-COR and Peñablanca MPS by virtue of WOA issued by Hon. HA ANTONIO M ESTEVES, Presiding Judge of Regional Trial Court, First Judicial Region, Branch 5, Baguio City on January 17, 2012 for the crime of Illegal Recruitment in Large Scale docketed under Cc No. 32638-R with NO BAIL recommended.

Furthermore, CIDG Occidental Mindoro PFU, PIU OMPPO, 1st Coy OMPMFC, PIT OCCMIN, RID CIT OCCMIN, PHPT OCC MDO, OCCMIN MARPSTA, PIDMU OMPPO, Magsaysay MPS, and 300 AISW, 301st SMG, 302nd AISS FSSOL arrested ROMAN ANGELES y SANTOS a.k.a. “Bruno Angeles,” 50 years old, in Sitio Tadlok, Brgy. Alibog, Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro by virtue of warrant of arrest issued by Hon. ULYSSES D. DELGADO, Presiding Judge of RTC Branch 46, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro dated May 21, 2021 for the crime of rape in relation to RA 7610 under CC No. R-10776 with NO BAIL recommended. Said suspect is NO. 8 MWP Provincial Level of Occidental Mindoro.

PMGEN ALBERT IGNATIUS D FERRO lauds the CIDG joint operatives for their relentless pursuit of lawless elements nationwide. “Our police force deserves our gratitude for safeguarding our rights, remaining committed to enforce the law, and keeping our communities safe and in order,” says the CIDG Chief.