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A 42-year-old lady and three (3) men were arrested on Monday afternoon (July 5, 2021 at 4:30 PM) in Sampaloc, Manila by detectives of the CIDG Manila DFU.

The arrested persons were identified as 30-year-old RONALDO BENITEZ y EGUIA a.k.a. "ROPER," 35-year-old ALISON ANORICO y QUIJANO a.k.a. "ALISON," 52-year-old RONILO.NONATO y BACOLINA a.k.a. "ONIE,” and 42-year-old ROSTICA LABANDO y ANTIC a.k.a. "ROSE."

Accordingly, during the conduct of the said entrapment operation, BENITEZ tried to elude arrest by running away. However, the CIDG detectives were able to follow him and found him hiding at No. 918 Lerma St., Sampaloc. Thereat, the detectives discovered and saw ANORICO and LABANDO while in the act of falsifying documents. The residence was later found out being owned by NONATO.

A fake Covid-19 RT/PCR Test Report/Certification, five (5) computer monitors, six (6) CPUs, three (3) printers, four (4) computer keyboards, four (4) Auto Voltage Regulators (AVRs), two (2) computer mouse, five (5) monitor cables, seven (7) AVR cables, an Adapter, two (2) small plastic containers containing assorted rubber and wooden stamps, four (4) pads of long colored paper, four (4) pads of short colored paper, a pad of parchment paper, two (2) pads of long board paper, and marked money were seized from the possession and control of the arrested persons.

The police operation was based on the information received by the CIDG on the rampant falsification of RT/PCR SWAB Test Results used as travel requirements in Sampaloc, Manila.

BENITEZ is said to be a member of the “Sigue-Sigue Commando Gang,” while ANORICO is an alleged member of the “Batang City Jail Gang.”

Cases for violations of Art 172 of the RPC and RA 11332 in relation to RA 10175 are being charged against the suspects.

PMGEN ALBERT IGNATIUS D FERRO, CIDG Director is concerned that such wrongdoing is still going on. He said that these people endanger not only themselves but also those they could possibly infect if they were COVID-19 positive.