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In the evening (6:30 PM) of July 5, 2021, a woman who is involved in the “RENT-TANGGAY” modus was arrested during an entrapment operation by operatives from CIDG Pampanga PFU, AVSEU3, and Sta Rita MPS at the Civil Aviation Complex, Clark Freeport Zone, Mabalacat City, Pampanga.

The arrested person identified as MYRA DIZON y GUEVARRA, who, according to the complaint lodged by her victims, allegedly rented their vehicles but failed to pay the rent and return their vehicles despite several demands.

In their statements, it was revealed that DIZON uses fictitious name and falsely and deliberately pretended to possess properties, an agency/business or imaginary transactions, and other similar form of deceits in order to convince them to lend their vehicles but turned-out it was sold to another without the owners’ consent.

With her arrest, the operating team recovered the vehicle driven by DIZON described as black Toyota Vios bearing the Plate No. CAR 7652 registered to a certain Richard Rivera and the subject of Information Report/Blotter Report lodged in PS4, ACPO on June 22, 2021 with subject "Failure to Return Motor Vehicle." Also recovered were the SSS Identification Card under the name of “Myra Guevarra Dizon” and Philheath ID under the name of “Angelica T. Ramos” with same picture of Myra Guevarra Dizon.

To locate the other vehicles rented by the suspect, a follow-up operation was launched by the same operating team at about 9:30 PM in Brgy Dila-dila, Sta. Rita, Pampanga wherein a white Toyota Vios bearing the Plate No. NDQ 7378 registered to certain Ana Liza Judal y Rice, a red Toyota Vios with Plate No. ZMV 651 registered to VCSI Company with deed of sale to Ronaldo Delfin B. Divina, falsified OR/CR of the recovered two (2) units of Toyota Vios under the name of “Myra Guevarra Dizon,” and a Deed of Sale between Myra Guevarra Dizon and Fernando Eugenio C. Abiog involving the recovered vehicles.

Accordingly, complainants Ronaldo Divina, Mark Kelvin Whel Ramos, Ana Liza Judal, and Richard Rivera were given the impression that DIZON is engage in legitimate business transactions with a registered company in order to lure or convince them to lend her their vehicles, while Mr. Fernando Eugenio Abiog was given the impression that the said suspect owned the vehicles being sold to him using falsified documents.

DIZON, who is now under the custody of CIDG Pampanga PFU is facing charges for large scale of estafa.

PMGEN ALBERT IGNATIUS D FERRO, CIDG Director warned the public not to entrust their hard-earned properties to anyone that easily. “They need to be vigilant and look for ways to verify whether or not the prospect renters are legitimate,” added CIDG Chief.