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The Simultaneous Anti-Criminality Law Enforcement Operations (SACLEO) being implemented by the CIDG across the country, now on its 5th round, resulting in numerous successful police operations.

From June 24 to 30, 2021, the CIDG had accomplished a total of 568 police operations from which 820 were arrested including the arrest of 49 Most Wanted Persons (MWPs). A total of 114 firearms, 32 explosives, and Php1.3 Billion worth of evidence were seized during these police operations.

On the CAMPAIGN AGAINST WANTED PERSONS, one noted accomplishment was the arrest of two (2) Region 4A’s MWPs identified as WILSON REYES y ABEJO, listed as No 9 Regional Level MWP and the newly identified member of the “Querella Group” allegedly engaged in trafficking in person and child exploitation in the 6th District of Batangas, Cavite, and NCR; and ALICIA FRANCISCO y LOBA who is listed as the No. 11 Regional Level MWP, on June 28, 2021 (Monday) in Quezon and Rizal, respectively. Reyes is wanted for three (3) counts of Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2012 (RA 10364) and three (3) counts of Special Protection of Children Against Child Abuse and Exploitation and Discrimination (Anti-Child Abuse Law) (RA 7610), while Francisco is wanted for violation of RA 7659 (Act to Impose the Death Penalty on Certain Heinous Crimes).

Another significant accomplishment for this period was the service of eight (8) Warrants of Arrest (WOAs) against an Indonesia National on June 28, 2021, at the Sulu Provincial Jail, Capitol Site, Brgy Bangkal, Patikul, Sulu. The suspect was identified as RESKY FANTASYA a.k.a. "CICI” or “ZAINAB" who is wanted for Complex Crime of Multiple Murder and Multiple Frustrated Murder, violation of RA 11479 (Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020), and violation of RA 9516 (Illegal Possession of Explosives). Fantasya is the widow of the Indonesian Terrorist killed during an encounter in Sulu sometime August 2020.

On the CAMPAIGN AGAINST LOOSE FIREARMS AND CRIMINAL GROUPS, the leader and member of the “Tabada Gunrunning Group” identified as CARMILO TABADA y NUERA a.k.a. "Eloy” or “Asyed” or “Emil,” a 51-year-old Barangay Kagawad of Poblacion Trinidad, Bohol and NATHANIEL VALLENTE y BERNALES a.k.a. "Pastor” or “Pastor Dodo,” a 52-year-old Pastor of United Church of Christ in the Phils (UCCP) based in Mabini, Bohol were arrested on June 25, 2021, in Bohol during the implementation of Search Warrant (SW) for violation of RA 10591 (Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Law) and RA 9516 (Illegal Possession of Explosives). Confiscated from their possession and control were six (6) firearms of different calibers, two (2) fragmentation grenades, eight (8) magazines, 19 rounds of assorted ammunition, five (5) empty shells, a sling bag, and assorted pieces of printed subversive documents with high intelligence value.

Also arrested was RUBEN PORE y ROCABO a.k.a. “Nolan”, an alleged member of the “Keith Lord Carnapping Group” engaged in carnapping, theft and robbery activities in Leyte and nearby provinces. He was arrested on June 27, 2021, in Brgy. Uguiao, Jaro, Leyte during an entrapment operation that resulted in the confiscation of nine (9) different calibers of firearms, four (4) magazines, 10 rounds of assorted ammunition, five (5) rounds of M203; 17 long barrels, 12 firearm wooden butts, buy-bust and boodle money. He now faces charges for violations of RA 10591 and RA 9516.

Furthermore, the successful arrest of 54-year-old PAJIHTO PANJANG y SABALAT a.k.a. “ABU YAKAN” or “TATAH” on June 27, 2021, in Brgy. Labuan, Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Peninsula during the implementation of a SW. Seized from his possession and control were one (1) caliber .38 Smith & Wesson Revolver, six (6) rounds of caliber .38 ammunition, one (1) F1 Russian Made Fragmentation Hand grenade, one (1) wall clock attached with wire color violet, one (1) battery snap, one (1) Panasonic AA Battery, one (1) Eveready 9 Volt Battery, one (1) Electric Blasting Cap with color violet wire, one (1) small box containing believed to be ammonium nitrate, three (3) Pipe Bombs believed to be IED with attached color violet wire respectively and loaded with an undetermined amount of explosives, and two (2) black sling bags. Violations of RA 10591 and RA 9516 are being charged to Panjang.

On the CAMPAIGN AGAINST ILLEGAL DESTRUCTION OF NATURAL RESOURCES, one significant accomplishment noted for the period covered was the seizure of Php12.9 Million worth of giant clams and shells, sea turtles, shark teeth, and red collars during the implementation of a SW on June 30, 2021, in Brgy. Punta Engaño, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. The uncle and nephew, identified as 58-year-old EMELIO ARCO and 31-year-old BRYAN ARCO were arrested for violations of Sec. 97 of RA 8550 (Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998), Sec. 27 of RA 9147 (The Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act), and Sec. 2 of FAO #158.

On the CAMPAIGN AGAINST COUNTERFEIT PRODUCTS, the Group has seized a Php1.3 BILLION worth of smuggled and counterfeit cigarettes including raw materials on June 24, 2021, during the implementation of a BIR Mission Order for violation of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997 and Intellectual Property Law at Warehouse No. SFB 9706, DOST Compound, Brgy. Paralayunan, Mabalacat City and at Blk 22, Lot 9, Global Aseana Park 1, San Simon, both in Pampanga. Arrested during the police operation were DANNY MARTIZANO y UNTUA, RICHIE ALMINION y ADOLFO, SAMMY MOLINA y GAPASIN, RYAN TILANDUCA y DAGSAAN, and EFREN TACOMTO y MANON OG. An ISUZU WING VAN TRUCK loaded with several sacks of dried Tobacco, a HYUNDAI H100 utility vehicle, 35 boxes of cigarettes in various labels, 153 reams of cigarettes in various labels, 126 packs of cigarettes in various labels, 1,617,000 pcs of invalid BIR stamps, 12 cigarette packer machines, 2 cigarette maker machines, 10 boxes of Back Film and Label, 4 boxes of cigarette paper, 100 rolls of cigarette paper, 35 rolls tipping paper, 430 rolls of cigarette foil, 48,000 pcs cigarette filter, 101 boxes of inner frames, 268 rolls of thin paper, 621 boxes of hinged lid for various labels, 19 boxes of acetate foam, 17 containers of glue, 54 containers of plastic izol, 74 rolls of pack films, and 216 rolls of table tape were confiscated in the said police operations.

On OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITIES, the CIDG arrested ANYI CHEUNG, the Stall Owner and three (3) of her employees namely, GINALYNE CAMPUED y SALDE, the Stall Sales Lady; RENGIE DUWABES y BAONILLO, the Stockman; and SADDAM MENDEZ y PANDIIN during an entrapment operation on June 25, 2021, at 168 Mall Sta Elena St., Binondo, Manila for the illegal distribution/marketing of Heng De Face Masks. Confiscated from their possession and control were the marked and boodle money, a receipt worth Php90,000.00 of Heng De Face Masks, 78 mother boxes of Heng De Face Masks. The police operation was based on the complaint received by the CIDG from an authorized representative of ZENITH SHIBUMI ZAPPHIRE CORP, the sole registered distributor of Heng De Products. The suspects are now facing charges for violation of RA 8293 (Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines).

Another noteworthy accomplishment was the arrest of seven (7) personnel of FASTLAB, an unauthorized COVID-19 RT/PCR Test drive-thru clinical laboratory, during an entrapment operation on June 30, 2021, in Brgy Ugong Pasig City. The suspects were identified as JOY TEJAS y CRELIGO, ANNAFARINAH SACAMPONG y GUBAT, KATRINA PANGILINAN y BLANCAFLOR, MICHELLE MANGULABNAN y DOMINGUEZ, RICHEL RAMIREZ y CABRERA, KENO ANGELO CRUZ y ALBAY, and ANALYN BUENO y MACARIO, who according to the certification from DOH was is not licensed to operate as COVID-19 Testing Laboratory. Seized from their possession and control were the marked or dusted Money incorporated with boodle money, Official Receipt under the name of FASTLAB, Customer Booking List, ten (10) Case Investigation Forms, Antigen (Line list) and RT-PCR list results, FASTLAB Price list, one (1) box containing eight (8) VTM Biobase, one (1) box containing nine (9) FINA Antigen Kits, one (1) box containing eleven (11) VTM Zybio, one hundred five (105) Sterile Collection Swabs placed inside a ziplock, one (1) Antigen Analyzer labeled as FINA with power cord, one (1) logbook for Rapid test kits inventory, two (2) specimens found inside a red cooler, seven (7) Identification Cards, one (1) Canon calculator, and a bag of hazardous medical wastes collected from four (4) trash bins. The 7 employees were charged for violation of RA 4688 in relation to Department of Health (DOH) Administrative Order Number 2007-0027.

“Amid the danger of the COVID-19 still threatens the whole nation, the CIDG’s 5th round of SACLEO resulted big. This is due to the relentless and collected efforts of our CIDG detectives, local PNP units, the military, LGUs and our community, who worked in unison to combat crimes in order to make sure that peace and order in the country will be sustained,” said CIDG Director, PMGEN ALBERT IGNATIUS D FERRO.