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Armed with four (4) Warrants of Arrest (WOAs), the CIDG detectives of CIDG Masbate PFU together with Masbate CPS and 1st PMFC MASPPO proceeded at the Masbate Provincial Jail in Masbate City to serve the said WOAs against a 34-year-old Most Wanted Person (MWP) on July 25, 2021 (Sunday) at about 11:30 AM.

The WOAs were served against RUEL VARGAS y CABALLERO who is tagged as No. 4 Provincial Level MWP in Masbate and wanted for the following offenses:

- MURDER (RPC Art. 248) (2 counts) docketed under CC Nos. 21223 and 21162 issued by Hon. Mary Flor D. Tabigu-Logarda, Presiding Judge of RTC Branch 44, Masbate City and by Hon. Arnelo Cabiles Mesa, Acting Presiding Judge of RTC Branch 45, Masbate City, respectively;
- FRUSTRATED MURDER (RPC Art. 248) under CC No. 21161 issued by Hon. Arnelo Cabiles Mesa, Acting Presiding Judge of RTC Branch 45, Masbate City; and
- THEFT (RPC Art. 308) (2 counts) under CC Nos. 5219 and 5226, both issued by Hon. Diana B. Tambago-Sanchez, Presiding Judge of MCTC Mobo-Milagros, Masbate.

In an earlier date, July 24, 2021, two (2) other MWPs were arrested separately by the CIDG during manhunt operations in the cities of Makati and Cebu.

The suspects were identified as JOEBERT GARMINO a.k.a. “Abong,” a 33-year-old delivery man and listed as the No. 4 Municipal Level MWP in Laua-an, Antique and 43-year-old AGUSTIN CANTILA JR y TABURA a.k.a. "Ace," listed as the No. 4 Regional Level MWP in Region 7.

GARMINO was arrested at around 4:25 PM at 17 San Antonio, Magallanes Village, Makati City by operatives of CIDG Antique PFU, CIDG-DSOU, Lauan-an MPS, and 2nd PFMC for the crime of MURDER in the WOA issued by Hon. Mario G Andres Jr., Presiding Judge of 6th Judicial Region, RTC Branch 64, Bugasong, Antique Station Calixto O Zaldivar Hall of Justice San Jose Antique docketed under CC No. 1334.

Meanwhile, CANTILA who is an alleged member of the "Marvin Group" involved in illegal drug trade, gun-for-hire, robbery, and gunrunning activities in Cebu City and other neighboring cities and municipalities, was arrested at about 7:00 PM in Sitio Sto. Ñino, Brgy. Cogon Pardo, Cebu City by joint elements of CIDG Cebu CFU, 1st PMFC-CPPO, RIU7, CMFC-CCPO, F2-RMFB7, 701st MC RMFB7, and HPG7 for two (2) counts of MURDER in the WOA issued by Hon. Leopoldo V Cañete, Acting Presiding Judge of 7RTC Br- 60, Barili, Cebu docketed under CC Nos. CEB-BRL-805 and CEB-BRL-806.

“As long as there are crimes being committed and there are personalities or groups who continue to commit those crimes, the CIDG is there to suppress such crimes and arrest perpetrators.” CIDG Director, PMGEN ALBERT IGNATIUS D FERRO said.