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The incumbent SK Chairman was arrested by combined elements of CIDG Misamis Occidental PFU, Conception MPS, RMFB 10, 1st PMFC 2nd Platoon, and 10IB Steady Batallion 1ID PA during implementation of a Search Warrant (SW) on Wednesday morning (July 28, 2021 at around 5:15 AM).

The SW issued by Hon. Gemabell L. Manisan, Presiding Judge of 2nd MCTC-Sapang Dalaga-Concepcion, 10th Judicial Region, Sapang Dalaga, Misamis Occidental was implemented against 24-year-old REY BONGCAO y PUYOD, the incumbent SK Chairman of Brgy Upper Dioyo in Misamis Occidental which resulted in his arrest and the confiscation of a fragmentation hand grenade, an improvised Shotgun M16 rifle type inserted with a steel magazine loaded with four (4) rounds of 12-gauge ammunition, and a caliber .38 revolver.

The search and seizure operation was done in accordance with law and in an orderly manner, witnessed by Brgy Officials thereat.

Accordingly, BONGCAO is said to be a member of CTG GF Sendong Committee, Western Mindanao Regional Front Committee engaged in gunrunning, gun-for-hire, arson, extortion, and other illegal activities operating in the Municipality of Concepcion, Misamis Occidental and neighboring municipalities/cities in Western Mindanao.

The arrested person is also involved in the series of atrocities particularly the attack on the Quarantine Check Point of Conception PS, the RN Builders burning at Calamba, and landmine (IED) in Brgy Medalio Sapang Dalaga, all in Misamis Occidental.

Two (2) separate cases for violations of RA 10591 and RA 9516 were filed through inquest against BONGCAO before the Provincial Prosecutor's Office, Hall of Justice Oroquieta City.

PMGEN ALBERT IGNATIUS D FERRO, CIDG Director said that lawless elements will always try destroying the peace and order in the communities by engaging in atrocities and illegal activities and when that happens, that’s where the CIDG comes in, to stop or prevent them from doing such acts.