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The most wanted person in Central Visayas was arrested by the CIDG Cebu PFU together with CIDMU-CCPO and 1st PMFC-CPPO, earlier today (at about 9:00 AM of August 3, 3021) in Purok Kamangahan, Brgy. Guadalupe, Cebu City.

43-year-old JOVILITO MOJADO y CAMANSE was arrested by virtue of a Warrant of Arrest (WOA) for four (4) counts of RAPE (Art 266-B, RPC), as amended by RPC Art 266-A (STATUTORY RAPE), docketed under CC Nos. R-CEB-21-03995 to R-CEB-22-03958, issued by Hon. Van Russel L. Inopiquez, Acting Presiding Judge of RTC Br 22, Cebu City

MOJADA, who ranks as the No. 2 Regional Level MWP in Region 7, is allegedly the leader of the “MOJADA Criminal Group” engaged in gun-for-hire and gunrunning activities operating in Cebu City and nearby cities and municipalities.

In other news, the No. 9 Provincial Level MWP in Western Samar, identified as JESUS CABIA y ANDRINO was arrested by detectives of CIDG Western Samar PFU along with Sta. Rita MPS, RIU8 PIT Samar, PIU SPPO, PIDMU SPPO, and 805TH MC RMFB8 in the afternoon (at about 2:30 PM) of August 2, 2021 (Monday) in
Brgy. Binanalan, Sta. Rita, Samar.

CABIA is wanted for RAPE in the WOA issued by Hon. TARCELO A. SABARRE JR., Judge of RTC Br. 30, Basey, Samar docketed under CC No. 2020-12-4613.

“As I mentioned before, rape is a serious crime and a highest form of disrespect to women. It is a non-tolerable act that we, as law enforcers have the duty to ensure that felons of this crime be held accountable and be put behind bars,” said CIDG Director, PMGEN ALBERT IGNATIUS D FERRO.