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Several high-powered firearms and grenades were seized from the possession and control of an armed group leader and two (2) others, earlier today (August 10, 2021) during the implementation of a Search Warrant (SW) in Sitio Bulak, Barangay San Isidro, Rodriguez Rizal.

The SW issued by Hon. Josephine Zarate Fernandez, Judge of RTC San Mateo Rizal was implemented against 63-year-old RODELIO CABALLES y MENDEZ at about 8:30 AM by combined operatives of CIDG Anti-Organized Crimes Unit (AOCU), PNP SAF, PIU-Rizal PPO, Rizal PMFC, and Rodriguez MPS while two (2) of CABALLES’ cohorts, identified as 29-year-old GIDEON MARK EXITO y TORIAGA and 46-year-old RUBEN PALIOC y SAUCERO were also arrested resulting in the confiscation of the following pieces of evidence:

- Three (3) units caliber .45;
- Three (3) caliber .45 magazines loaded with ammunition;
- One (1) caliber.30 US Carbine;
- One (1) caliber .30 magazine;
- Fifteen (15) rounds of caliber .30 JS Carbine ammunition;
- One (1) caliber .38 revolver;
- Six (6) rounds of caliber .38 ammunition;
- Three (3) Hand Grenades;
- Six (6) rounds of 12-gauge shotgun ammunition;
- Two (2) Sling Bags; and
- Different IDs.

“I already directed AOCU Chief to coordinate with PNP FEO and the Crime Laboratory for the firearms and ballistics verifications to confirm whether or not the confiscated firearms were registered or used in the commission of any crimes,” said PMGEN ALBERT IGNATIUS D FERRO, CIDG Director.

Investigation revealed that CABALLES is said to be the leader of the “Caballes Armed Group,” engaged in land grabbing, extortion, and terrorizing or threatening communities particularly in Rodriguez and Montalban, both in Rizal. It is the sub-group of the “Rodriguez Land Grabbing Group” operating in Regions 4A and 4B wherein CABALLES is the alleged sub-leader. The said armed group is responsible for harassing or threatening private individuals to vacate their properties through the use of unlicensed firearms and explosives.

Violations of RA 10591 (Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Law) and RA 9516 (Illegal Possession of Explosives) are being readied for filing against the trio.

“The CIDG, in its continuous and intensified implementation of its campaign against loose firearms, is gradually undermining any criminal activities these lawless elements planned,” added Director, CIDG