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Three rape suspects identified as ROEL DAPIAOEN VALDEZ a.k.a Rowel Dapyawen Valdez, JUAN VILLAHERMOSA a.k.a. Juan Talaid Villahermosa, and LUIGI ALAMO y LIBRANO were arrested by the CIDG in separate manhunt operations conducted on August 13, 2021.

The detectives of RSOT CIDG RFU 14 together with Quirino MPS arrested 28-year-old VALDEZ in Sitio Madapoy, Brgy. Patungcaleo, Quirino, Ilocos Sur. Suspect is rank No. 4 MWP Provincial level of Ilocos Sur PPO and arrested by virtue of WOA for Qualified Rape (RPC ART. 266-B) docketed under CC No. 2043-T issued by Hon. EMMYLOU VALOIS RUBANG-MANGASAR, Acting Presiding Judge of RTC, FJR, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur dated August 13, 2021 with no bail recommended.

While in Brgy. Tingub, Mandaue City, Cebu, 47-year-old VILLAHERMOSA was arrested for two (2) counts of Rape (RPC ART. 266-A) docketed under CC Nos. TCS-17519 and TCS-17520 issued by Hon. JUDILYN HUGO TAPIA-MENCHAVEZ, Presiding Judge of FC Branch 8, Toledo City dated August 2, 2021, with no bail recommended.

Subject is No.1 MWP City Level and an identified member of TRAYA CG engaged in gun-for-hire and gunrunning activities operating in Toledo City and municipalities of Cebu.

Meanwhile, operatives of CIDG Eastern MMDFU and Pasay Police Station arrested 29-year-old ALAMO for Violation of R.A 8353 (Art. 266-A RPC) and 2 counts of Acts of Lasciviousness under Art. 336, RPC in relation to Sec. (b) of R.A 7610 with CC Nos. R-PSY-21-01284 to R-PSY-21-01286 issued by Hon. CHRISTIAN P CASTAÑEDA Presiding Judge of National Capital Judicial Region, RTC Branch 109 Pasay City dated July 26, 2021 with no bail recommended.

Arrested suspect is a member of Lewd Carnal Crime Group who was arrested in San Gregorio Village, Brgy. 188 Pasay City and brought to Pasay City Police Station for documentation.

CIDG Director, PMGEN ALBERT IGNATIUS D FERRO commends the CIDG operatives for their continued pursuit and arrest of rape suspects. “Rape is the highest form of disrespect and violation of women’s rights. These criminals deserve to be behind bars,” says the CIDG Director.