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Another round of police operation against profiteers who take advantage of the pandemic was conducted by detectives of the CIDG in the morning (10:15 AM) of August 19, 2021, in Sampaloc, Manila.

The Manager and two (2) Medical Technicians of SWAB EXPRESS MEDICAL SERVICES identified as 28-year-old DAVE ROMITTON ROBLES y PASCUAL, 26-year-old CHINKY CHENEE ROBLES y PASCUAL, and 51-year-old ALMA BELLA CONSUELO y PASCUAL were arrested by personnel from CIDG Eastern Metro Manila DFU, 300 AISW, DID EPD, and Station Intel Section, Pasig CPS, who according to the information received by the CIDG were involved in the unauthorized conduct or administration of COVID-19 RT/PCR Test.

Acting on the information received the said CIDG Unit together with 300 AISW verified with the Department of Health (DOH) through its issued certification that SWAB EXPRESS MEDICAL HEALTH SERVICES is not authorized or licensed to operate (LTO) as COVID-19 Testing Laboratory and no application has been recorded coming from the said laboratory.

The said operating units posed as walk-in undercover clients/costumers for RT/PCR swab test. After the CIDG operative has been swabbed, the operatives introduced themselves and arrested the suspects after failing to present any pertinent documents authorizing them to operate.

Confiscated from the suspects’ possession were the following items:
 Six (6) boxes of Sansure Biotech SARS-COV-2 Rapid Antigen Test (Colloidal Gold Method;
 Five (5) boxes of Joinstar Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test kit (Latex);
 Two (2) buffers containing Swab Sample of the undercover police;
 Two (2) Consent Forms of the Client and Screening Participant Info;
 Official Receipt with Serial No. 0473 enfaced “SWAB EXPRESS MEDICAL SERVICES” dated August 19, 2021, worth Php7,999.00;
 Marked/Dusted Money placed on top of boodle money; and
 Two (2) Macbook Air Laptops.

The suspects are said to be members of the “Swab Test Express Ph Scam Group” involved in the illegal operation of Covid-19 RT/PCR laboratory test and they are now facing charges for violation of RA 4688 (An Act Regulating the Operation and Maintenance of Clinical Laboratories and Requiring the Registration of the Same with the Department of Health, Providing Penalty for the Violation Thereof, and for Other Purposes) in relation to DOH Administrative Order Number 2007-0027.

PMGEN ALBERT IGNATIUS D FERRO, CIDG Director said that as long as there are people who continuously pursue profiteering through their illegal means, the CIDG will also continue to implement its relentless anti-criminality campaigns to make sure that they will not gain anything but face the consequences of their illegal deeds behind bars.