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Eight (8) Chinese nationals and their filipino cohort were arrested by operatives of the CIDG RFU NCR on Thursday evening (August 26, 2021 at 7:00 PM) at Peter St., Multinational Village, Paranaque City.


The arrested persons were identified as:


- ZHAO PENG PENG, 32-year-old Chinese national;

- ZOU LIN, 24-year-old Chinese national;

- MA QIANG, 29-year-old Chinese national;

- LI ZHEN YU, 23-year-old Chinese national;

- GAO MING YAN, 28-year-old Chinese national;

- GAO WEN, 33-year-old Chinese national;

- CHEN KEJU, 23-year-old Chinese national;

- LUIGI CHONG, 26-year-old Chinese national; and

- REA JOY NAFEDA y GUBAC, 25 years old.


The arrest was made after 29-year-old Chinese national Cao Qui and 53-year-old Arnulfo Firmanes y Gallardo personally appeared at CIDG to seek for assistance on the alleged kidnapping and illegal detention of Cao Qui on August 25, 2021.


On his statement, Cao Qui averred that at about 1:00 AM on Wednesday, a group of Chinese malefactors suddenly appeared and handcuffed him. The group took the car he rented and brought him to Multinational Village, Paranaque City. Thereat, he was demanded to give a sum of money in exchange for his liberty, however, he failed to comply with their demand. After 24 hours, he was released in the condition that the rented car will remain in their possession until he produces the money. The victim went to Firmanes, owner of Karl and Arnold Transport Service to inform him of what transpired the previous day. The two immediately reported the incident to CIDG.


Acting on the said complaint, a team was formed and together with the complainants, they proceeded at the said village where the Chinese victim was allegedly brought and detained. The operatives immediately coordinated with the Brgy Officials and the Security Guards thereat. Upon arrival on the location, the victim, without any doubts identified the rented car as a black Ford Raptor bearing the plate number NGF 2649. The CIDG operatives wasted no time to flagged down the vehicle and arrested those on board identified as CHEN KEJU and LUIGI CHONG.


Arriving at the house where the victim was detained, the CIDG, Brgy Officials, and Security Guards went inside and in plain view, they saw the following pieces of evidence and took effect the arrest of the remaining suspects and the seizure of the said evidence:


- One (1) Armscor 12-gauge shotgun bodyguard model 30;

- One (1) Taurus G3 caliber .9mm;

- One (1) caliber .380 Col.9mm Browning Short;

- One (1) caliber .9mm magazine inserted with eleven (11) rounds of ammunition;

- One (1) pistol box;

- One (1) caliber .380 magazine inserted with six (6) rounds of ammunition;

- Two (2) handcuffs with keys;

- One (1) medium size plastic sachet of suspected shabu; and

- Assorted drug paraphernalia.


Allegedly, suspects are members of a kidnapping group, victimizing foreign nationals involved in online gaming operations.


The inventory of the pieces of evidence were witnessed by the Brgy. Officials and Media Representative. The arrested persons, the vehicle, and other evidence were brought to CIDG RFU NCR Office for documentation and proper disposition.


Cases for violations of RA 10883 (Carnapping), Art 267 of the RPC (Kidnapping and Serious Illegal Detention), Section 11 and 12 of RA 9165 (Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act) and Art. 5, Section 28 of RA 10591 (Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act) were filed against the group.


“Foreigners doing their illegal activities here is a form of disrespect to our country. The CIDG will not hesitate to enforce the law against them and we will let them face the consequences of that disrespectful act,” said PMGEN ALBERT IGNATIUS D FERRO, CIDG Director.