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The CIDG Anti-Fraud and Commercial Crimes Unit (AFCCU), TF Makabayan, NICA, 10th ID PA AFPCRS together with the complainant, JOY JAMES ALCOSER SAGUINO, a former Cadre of the CTG and his witnesses, appeared before the DOJ to file another case of violation of Section 3 in relation to Section 3(a)(b) of RA 9208 as amended by RA 10364 and Section 4(i) of RA 10364 (Expanded Ant-Trafficking in Person of 2012) and of violation of Section 10(a) in relation to Section 3(d) (4) of RA 7610 (Special Protection of Children against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Acts) against the Chairman Emeritus of CPP-NPA-NDF and two (2) ANAKBAYAN Officials.

The said cases docketed under NPS Docket No. XVI-INV-21I-00283, were filed against JOSE MARIA SISON, the Chairman Emeritus of CPP-NPA-NDF; LEAN PORQUIA, and KAREN EDANIEL, who, according to the complainant, exploited him when he was still a minor in the pursuit of the CTG’s communist ideologies.

29-year-old SAGUINO also known as "Ka Amihan,” "Ka Che," or "Commander Che," averred in his statement the he was a 16-year-old 1st year BS Accountancy student when he was first recruited by PORQUIA and EDANIEL in June 2007. A month later, he became a member of the League of Filipino Students (LFS), a CTG front organization inside UP Visayas-Iloilo Campus where he was induced to take part in protest actions against tuition fee increase and in some LFS activities.

Later, he was indoctrinated with radicalization courses such as Maikling Kurso sa Lipunan at Rebolusyong Pilipino (MKLRP) and many other courses with twisted depiction of Philippine society's situation where the sad plight of the masses was ascribed to the government’s failure to do its duty for its people and the latter was pictured as the aggressor. Using the said line of propaganda, they then injected the need for all of them to fight by joining the armed struggle.

In September of 2007, he was recruited and joined the underground movement KM/Kabataan Makabayan. At the age of 17, he was convinced by PORQUIA to run for student council where he won after. Exploiting his position, he and respondents PORQUIA and EDANIEL, advanced and promoted the CTG radicalization in the school. He became a full-pledged member of the CTG in March 2009.

It was in April of 2009 when he joined the CNT Southern Front in Panay Island where he was tasked to organize the ANAKBAYAN Panay Chapter, a CTG front organization. Being useful to the CTG, he was later given bigger tasks and extensive authority as ANAKBAYAN’s Regional Spokesperson and National Vice-Chairperson for Mindanao.
Being prominent among the national leaders of CTG, he became an electoral campaign head for senatorial aspirants LIZA MAZA and SATUR OCAMPO, and all other party-lists under the MAKABAYAN BLOC. Being at the frontlines to these activities, he continued to be an active CNT member.

The complainant held major positions in the said CTG. He was designated as Guerilla Front (GF) 20 Deputy Secretary at the same time as Secretary of Platoon Party Committee of SENTRO DE GRAVIDAD. And in January 2017, he was the GF20 Front Secretary and Secretary of Sub-Regional Peasant Bureau (SRPB).

He left GF20 in September 2017 but continued in the CTG operations from October 2017 to April 2018 until he finally decided to leave the group along with witness LEO BERNALDEZ.

SAGUINO also averred that he filed the said charges in view of the hardships and exploitation he had experienced as a minor; a student who was induced to join LFS and later recruited to join the CNT where he had suffered tremendously. He was used and brought in the frontlines by the CTG in the pursuit of their communist ideologies.

The accusations brought by KA AMIHAN and the evidences he presented before the DOJ against his former comrades must be answered by the respondents on the right forum, that is by answering the charges against them at the DOJ and later at the Court and not on any other venue. That proves the Philippine Legal System is working because they were afforded the right to know the allegations against them and to answer it.

“We will continue to be of service to our country and the Filipino people and we oath to serve them without bias or prejudice,” says CIDG Director, PMGEN ALBERT IGNATIUS D FERRO.