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As the SACLEO for September 2021 begins, the CIDG based in Region 7 along with the local PNP units had launched its campaign against loose firearms across the Region. Various calibers of firearm and ammunition were recovered from the four men arrested by the said operating teams on September 24, 2021 (Friday).

Two members of the “Chong Drug Trade and Gunrunning Group” were separately arrested in Lapu-Lapu City. Said members were identified as NOEL ESTOY ANGCO a.k.a. “Dave”, apprehended in a buy-bust operation for selling an unlicensed firearm to a police poseur buyer wherein recovered from his possession were a caliber .38 revolver loaded with four rounds of ammunition and the buy-bust money. During the lawful body search, the police incidentally found five plastic sachets believe to be Shabu weighing MOL 0.02 grams; and JORDY SAROCAM CAMANGYAN a.k.a. “Ron-Ron”, nabbed in possession of an unlicensed caliber .38 revolver loaded with three rounds of ammunition. The said criminal group is said to be engaged in gun-for-hire, robbery, gunrunning, and illegal drug trade in the cities of Cebu and Lapu-Lapu and other neighboring component Cities and Municipalities.

In Cebu City, JAYSON PATRICK CABERTE MALASAGA was also collared in a buy-bust operation wherein confiscated from his possession were a caliber .38 revolver and boodle money. Also found in his possession were ten plastic sachets of suspected shabu weighing MOL 0.5 grams. Malasaga is identified to be a member of “Canindo Criminal Group” engaged in gun-for-hire and gunrunning activities in Cebu City and nearby cities and municipalities of Cebu province.

Also in Cebu City, NOEL PREDA HERMOSO a.k.a. "Tike" was caught while in possession and control of an unlicensed Smith and Wesson caliber .38 revolver loaded with five rounds of ammunition. He said to be a member of the "Marvin Group" involved in the illegal drug trade, gun-for-hire, robbery, and gunrunning activities in Cebu City and other neighboring cities and municipalities.

“Layon po natin sa kampanyang ito ay upang mapigilan ang pagakalat ng ‘di lisensyadong mga baril sa ating komunidad, kung saan ang mga ito ay maaaring magamit sa mga iligal na gawain,” says PMGen Albert Ignatius D Ferro, CIDG Director.