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     CIDG RFU 6 operatives took into custody the murderers of a bar owner in Barbaza, Antique in 2003. The twins, DANTE FLORES DALUMPINES alias Bicbic, No. 1 MWP of Barbaza MPS and REYNANTE FLORES DALUMPINES alias Bocboc, No. 2 MWP of Barbaza MPS, set out for a drinking spree with some friends in the evening of August 11, 2003, but the events that transpired that night led to the death of the owner of the bar. The twins were charged with murder and had been hiding from the law for 19 years.

     The twins’ relatives, taking into consideration of the twins’ ages and the time they have spent in hiding, contacted the said CIDG Unit and expressed their concern to the safety of and surrender the fugitives. At that instance, detectives of CIDG Iloilo CFU along with local law enforcement units conducted a police operation which resulted in the surrender of wanted persons by virtue of a Warrant of Arrest for the crime of Murder dated October 14, 2003, with no bail recommended.

     PBGEN ELISEO DC CRUZ, Director of CIDG said that the operation became successful because of the help of the relatives and the cooperation of the suspects themselves as well. He added, “There is hope for criminals who are willing to change and make amends for the harm they have perpetrated. Criminals cannot hide from the law forever, there is always a time for a reckoning."