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From filing of complaints to arresting the suspect, the CIDG Cordillera solved the cases against the staff of BRADD’S PICK GLOBAL AGRIVENTURES CORPORATION involved in “Ponze Scheme”, a type of investment operating in the City of Baguio and nearby provinces.

On March 16, 2022, persistent in tracking and locating the whereabouts of the suspect, CIDG detectives successfully arrested HERZON DE GUZMAN MENDOZA, staff of the said company by virtue of 14 counts Warrant of Arrests for Estafa in relation to PD1689 (Syndicated Estafa).

Complainants were enticed to invest to the company in exchange of 30% monthly interest ofrom their capital investment within 3 months lock in period, they were more encouraged when said company was featured in TV Entertainment, Rated K.

However, said company eventually closed and the owner and staffs of said company went into hiding taking the money of their poor victims with them.

CIDG Cordillera is committed to give justice for victims of violence in the highlands. The active participation of the community greatly contributed in identifying the whereabouts of said wanted person.

MGEN ELISEO DC CRUZ, CIDG Director, commends the personnel of CIDG Cordillera for their relentless efforts as an investigating body and its role to apprehend wanted persons in relation to the CIDG’s Flagship Project on the Campaign against Wanted Person “OPLAN PAGTUGIS”.