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The CIDG Palawan Field Unit had filed two cases of Estafa on Monday (April 18, 2022) morning before the Office of the City Prosecutor in Puerto Princesa, Palawan under NPS Docket No. INV-17-22D-0239 and IV-17-INV-22D-0240, respectively.

The first case of Estafa under Article 315 Par (2)(a) of the RPC in relation to PD 1689 was against a group of females identified as Christy C Beradas, Maristela S Badayos, Myrna H Paduga, Mary Gay A Garcellano, Jeovanie V Pasculado, Reynalin Sapitula, and other Jane Does, whom according to the statements of the victims were engaged in a modus known as “PONZI SCHEME”.

Based on the complainants' revelations, Beradas and Badayos, using the said scheme, made false pretensions of possessing a rice business while their co-accused posed as legitimate clients or buyers to deceive the victims. The victims were enticed to invest in the said fake business with a promise of a guaranteed 15% monthly interest.

The accused were able to defraud over Php1.5 million of cash investments from their victims on different occasions from May to December 2021.

Meanwhile, the second case of Estafa under article 315 par (2) (a) of the RPC was against Christy C Beradas who defrauded a retired teacher and a widower over Php768 thousand cash investments.

Accordingly, it was in 2021 when Beradas enticed and convinced her victims to invest in the rice and dressed chicken product business with the promise and assurance of a high return of interest in a short period. However, upon confirmation with DTI Palawan, such business does not exist.

The CIDG reminds the public not to fall victim to these types of investment schemes, especially those that offer and promise an instant high return of interest or income and to check with the SEC or DTI about the legitimacy or legality of the business.