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CIDG arrested a suspect for firearms violation; 8 high-powered firearms seized

CIDG has made a full swing on its campaign against loose firearms during the arrest of Pebro Mamauag Daliwag through the implementation of a Search Warrant (SW) on April 24, 2022 in Brgy, Cabaruan, Cauayan City, Isabela.

The joint operation led by CIDG Isabela PFU together with PNP SAF and other local police units resulted in the seizure of the following pieces of evidence:

- One (1) caliber .45 pistol (unregistered) with inserted magazine loaded with seven (7) rounds of ammunition;
- One (1) caliber .45 pistol replica color black;
- 193 rounds of ammunition for various calibers;
- Nine (9) steel magazines of various calibers;
- Three (3) holster for various calibers;
- One (1) green plastic cartridge case for caliber .45 pistol;
- One (1) camouflage bandolier; and
- Two (2) black bags.

After the inventory of the said seized items and while in the presence of witnesses, Brgy. Officials of Brgy, Cabaruan, Cauayan City, Isabela, suspect Daliwag revealed and voluntarily surrendered other firearms and ammunition that were in his possession which was placed inside a black Hyundai Starex Van bearing the plate number NDC 8293, to wit:

- One (1) M16 Colt AR-15 (unregistered);
- One (1) carbine caliber .30 (M1) (unregistered);
- One (1) Ingram M2 caliber 9mm (unregistered);
- One (1) caliber .45 pistol (unregistered);
- One (1) colt caliber .45 pistol (unregistered);
- One (1) 12-gauge shotgun (unregistered);
- Eight (8) steel magazines loaded with 121 rounds of ammunition for various calibers;
- Twenty-one (21) rounds of ammunition for 12-gauge shotgun;
- Two (2) pistol boxes color black/white;
- Two (2) black tactical bags; and
- One (1) black bag for machine pistol.

The arrested person and seized and surrendered pieces of evidence were brought to CIDG Isabela PFU for documentation and proper disposition prior to the filing of the appropriate case in court.

The CIDG is vigorously conducting police operations against offenders and the proliferation of loose firearms to prevent such individuals or groups from sowing chaos and using those firearms in malevolence and illegal activities as the NLE 2022 draws near.