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A CAFGU leader and his member were arrested by police elements and Philippine Army personnel led by the CIDG Eastern Samar Field Unit during an entrapment operation in the late afternoon of May 3, 2022 (Tuesday) along the National Highway of Brgy.4, Maydolong, Eastern Samar.

Authorities identified the suspects as RAYMOND GLOBIO ELPEDEZ, 36 and JANLEY DE JESUS SORIYAO a.k.a. "Tungka", 33. Elpedez is said to be the leader of “Tikano Group” while Soriyao is among the members. The group is engaged in extortion activities in the said province whose modus is to introduce themselves as active members of the Philippine Army to extort money from their victims.

The arrest was made based on the complaint lodged by a certain Marlon Asis Delmonte who, according to his statement averred that the suspects extorted money in the several transactions he had with them in exchange for helping his brother’s case in court.

During the police operation, the two were found to be in possession and control of the following pieces of evidence:

- One (1) chamber loaded caliber .45 pistol;
- One (1) magazine assembly for caliber .45 pistol;
- Two (2) rounds of ammunition for caliber .45;
- One (1) pc hand grenade;
- One (1) red cellular phone;
- Mark money included in the boodle money;
- One (1) Black wallet containing assorted identification cards and Palawan Pawnshop receipt;
- One (1) green belt bag;
- Two (2) helmets; and
- One (1) Honda XRM 125 motorcycle.

The arrested persons will be facing charges of Robbery (Extortion), violations of RA 10591, RA 9516, and Omnibus Election Code COMELEC Res No. 10728.

Under the leadership of its Director, PMGen Eliseo DC Cruz, the CIDG continues to step up its efforts against criminality including those crimes that inflict intimidation, threat and damage to victims, communities, or even the nation.