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Detectives of the CIDG NCR Field Unit and representatives from Petron Corporation launched its police operation against unauthorized distributors of LPG products on May 3, 2022 (Tuesday) in Malate and Pasay.

Four (4) individuals identified as MC NEIL ERLINA MENDOZA, a 30-year-old owner of MN Mendoza Gas and Rice, JOMARK AGUSTIN PEDUCA, 21 years old, cashier, ROBERT ANTIPORDA CHUA, a 57-year-old owner of RADA Star Enterprises, and CLARIS VETE, 23 years old, cashier were arrested in separate entrapment operations at RM Mendoza Gas and Rice, F.Torres St., Malate, Manila and at RADA Star Enterprises, Villaruel St., Pasay City, respectively.

The police operations were based on the complaint lodged by representatives of Petron Corporation against said business establishments engaged in the unauthorized distribution of Petron Gasul and Fiesta LPG products. Said establishments are said to be buying and selling illegally refilled Petron LPG products.

An estimated amount of PHP246,000.00 worth of LPG products were found in the possession and control of the arrested persons. The following combined pieces of evidence were seized by the authorities:

- Marked money;
- Delivery Receipts both dated May 3, 2022, amounting to PHP1,060.00 and PHP1,035.00, respectively;
- Two (2) filled Petron GASUL LPG Cylinders weighing 11 Kgs each (buy-bust);
- Thirty-three (33) filled Petron GASUL LPG Cylinders weighing 11 Kgs each;
- Five (5) unfilled 11Kgs Petron GASUL LPG Cylinders;
- Five (5) unfilled 7Kgs Petron GASUL LPG Cylinders;
- Sixteen (16) Petron Gasulette;
- One (1) Petron 50kg LPG;
- Six (6) 7Kgs Petron Gasulito;
- Various counterfeited Petron valve seals;
- Identification Cards; and
- Several Sales Logbook.

Arrested persons will be facing charges for violation of BP 33 as amended by PD 1865 (Selling, Adulteration or Possession of Adulterated Petroleum Products), RA 8293 (Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines), and RA 11592 (LPG Industry Regulation Act).

The CIDG warned the consumers not to patronize such unauthorized LPG products for it may endanger their lives as well as their families and communities.