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The CIDG Occidental Mindoro PFU together with the complainants and witnesses filed a criminal case for violation of Sec 6 para (a) of RA 9851 or the Philippine Act on Crimes Against International Humanitarian Law, Genocide, and Other Crimes Against Humanity on May 4, 2022, before the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro under NPS Docket No. IV-06-INV-22E-00268.

The case was filed against OSCAR DIONISIO a.k.a. “Argo” or “Jaden”, the Platoon leader of Platoon Truman under Kilusang Larangang Gerilya (KLG) ROQUE of Sub-Regional Military Area (SRMA)-GU4 and was involved in the killing of Ignacio Pacquing in the evening of July 15, 2016 in Sitio Naitan, Brgy. Batasan, San Jose in the said province.

Accordingly, the suspect along with five other men, all armed with rifles arrived at the victim’s house, and took him outside then suddenly gunshots were heard. The victim’s live-in partner found Pacquing sustained gunshot wounds in the different parts of his body while the suspects fled in an unknown direction. The victim was rushed to San Jose District Hospital and was declared dead on arrival by the attending physician.

A case for Murder was filed by PNP San Jose Municipal Police Station against Dionisio and his cohorts at the Provincial Prosecutors Office in San Jose Occidental Mindoro on August 6, 2021.

The in-depth investigation made by the said CIDG unit revealed that the suspect has numerous standing Warrants of Arrest for Murder, Attempted Murder, Attempted Homicide, and Robbery with violence and intimidation against persons prompting the CIDG to file the said case.

It is the CIDG’s mandate to enforce the law against anyone who violates it regardless of their status or affiliations. The CIDG serves and protects the people from anyone who inflicts injustice, inhumanity and danger.