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Assorted high-powered firearms and ammunition were seized from a husband and wife contractor during a police operation conducted by police operatives of CIDG Quezon Field Unit and local PNP units on the morning of May 3, 2022 (Tuesday) in a construction compound, Sitio NFA, Brgy Madulao, Catanauan, Quezon Province.

A Search Warrant issued by Hon. Glenda R. Mendoza-Ramos, Executive Judge of 4th Judicial Region Branch 36, Calamba City for violation of RA 10591 or the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Law was implemented against spouses JACQUELINE TAN TAN, 38 and MIEL YU TAN, 35, both contractors and owners of MJIEL Constructions wherein recovered from their possession and control were the following pieces of evidence:

- One (1) caliber .38 pistol - STI International;
- One (1) caliber 5.56 assault rifle - Spike’s Tactical with optic sight;
- One (1) caliber .40;
- One (1) caliber .45 pistol - COLT;
- One (1) caliber .9mm pistol - JERICHO;
- One (1) 12-gauge shotgun;
- Twenty-four (24) steel magazines for various calibers;
- 1,330 rounds of assorted ammunition;
- Fifty (50) empty caliber .38 cartridges;
- Three (3) protective cases;
- Two (2) rifle bags;
- One (1) black bag with trademark TAP;
- One (1) black leather bag; and
- One (1) identification card;

The Tans are now under the temporary custody of CIDG Quezon PFU while a case for firearms violation is being prepared for filing through inquest proceedings.

The CIDG reminded the public that owning and possessing firearms without proper authorization or license is illegal and punishable by law. The CIDG will be there to enforce the law and prevent offenders from using such firearms to be utilized in illegal activities.