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Operatives of the CIDG CALABARZON together with other local police units nabbed members of the MANALO-BRIONES CRIMINAL GROUP during the weekly CIDG Intensified Anti-Criminality Operations (CIACO) through the implementation of Search Warrant, earlier today, July 28, 2022 at 6:40 AM in Barangay Anastacia, Tiaong, Quezon.

Armed with a Search Warrant for violation of RA 10591 issued by Hon. Dennis Galahad C. Orendain, Executive Judge of Regional Trial Court, Fourth Judicial Region, Lucena City, Quezon dated July 22, 2022, arrested Ritzelda Reyes Herrera, 50; John Gilbert Reyes Herrera, 30; and Von Vincent Reyes Herrera, 22. However, the subject of the warrant Vicente Allermo Herrera, 52 is currently at-large.

Likewise, the search resulted in the seizure of the following pieces of evidence:

1. Three (3) High Explosive hand grenades without primary safety pin;

2. Three (3) 12-gauge Shotguns;

3. One (1) US Carbine;

4. One (1) cal .9 HYDRA (US made);

5. One (1) cal .45 pistol TM M1911A1;

6. One (1) cal .45 pistol TM STI International;

7. One (1) cal .45 pistol TM Norinco;

8. One (1) cal .22 Magnum TM Smith and Wesson;

9. One (1) cal .38 revolver TM Smith and Wesson;

10. One (1) cal .45 Thompson submachine gun;

11. Four (4) cal .38 revolvers;

12. Thirty-seven (37) Steel Magazines of various firearms;

13. Nine hundred one (901) ammunition of various caliber; and

15. Fifty-two (52) fired cartridges.

Accordingly, the MANALO-BRIONES CRIME GROUP is involved in Gun-For-Hire and Gunrunning activities in the said region.

Criminal complaints for violations of RA 10591 and RA 9516 are being prepared against the arrested and at-large suspects.

Director, PMGEN ELISEO DC CRUZ lauded the efforts of CIDG RFU4A. He added, "The hard work of these operatives is seen through this accomplishment and never forget that the CIDG will be relentless in its pursuit against criminals who try evading the long arm of the law".