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The prime suspect involved in a rape-slay case in Malabon City was arrested by personnel of CIDG Northern Metro Manila DFU and Malabon City Police Station during a hot pursuit operation in the early morning (5:00 AM) of August 23, 2022, in front of Centro Escolar University, along Mc Arthur Hi-way in Malolos City, Bulacan.

JAEMARK DONGALLO REYES, a 26-year-old construction worker was identified as the main suspect in the rape slay on August 22, 2022 in Brgy Baritan, Malabon City.

The same CIDG unit was called and dispatched to conduct an investigation on the said incident on the evening of the same date. The gathered information, review of the CCTV footage, statements from witnesses, and the suspect’s revelation of his crime to his relatives, became the keys that pointed or directed to him as the suspect.

Midnight of August 23, 2022, police immediately proceeded to Malolos City to locate the suspect. The operatives reached the residence of one Benito Fernandez, the grandfather of the suspect where he was able to confirm that his grandson (suspect) is indeed inside and sleeping. The suspect was called to come out and once outside, police positively identified him as their subject and then immediately effected the arrest. Reyes resisted which cause commotion but subdued right away.

In plain view, police found the black sports bag he was carrying and the yellow shirt and dark shorts he was wearing when he was captured by CCTV in Malabon.

CIDG Director, PBGen Ronald O Lee in his statement said, "With the effort and dedication of our operatives, we wasted no time. Within 12 hours after the discovery of the crime, the suspect was located and arrested. This is one of those instances wherein no matter how hard criminals try to avoid incarceration and evade the law, there is just no way they can get away with it.”