Determined to sustain its fight against terrorists and violent extremists The Criminal Investigation and Detection Group RFU 6 conducted a joint Anti-Terrorism operation against infamous members of the Communist Terrorist Group who are wanted for different offenses on September 14, 2022 in Iloilo City.

Among the arrested persons are REY ADOLFO (TN) GEORGE TAGARO ADOLFO a.k.a Rey, a High Value Individual (HVI) and PSR listed 2018 presently member of Regional Tax Implementing Group (RTIG) and former Commanding Officer, Regional Headquarters, Southern Mindanao Regional Party Committee (SMRC) of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) (PSR 2022); and Maricel Amparado Restituta a.k.a Karil/Karell/Yas, a member of Regional Tax Implementing Group (PSR 2022) and Political Instructor of RHQ Southern Mindanao Regional Party Committee (SMRC), (PSR 2022) CPP-NPA.

The above-mentioned persons were arrested by virtue of four (4) different WOAs for the crime of Murder dated October 13, 2021 with no bail recommended, and two Warrants of Arrest for the crime of Homicide dated August 19, 2021 and August 23, 2021, respectively, and Illegal Discharge of Firearms under Article 254 of the RPC dated April 6, 2022.

Following Adolfo's lawful arrest was the confiscation from his possession of the following items:
a. One (1) fragmentation hand grenade;
b. Three (3) different identification cards;
c. One (1) Redmi cellphone color black with case;
d. One (1) kawasaki bajaj motorcycle color red with plate 216JTA and key;
e. Two (2) One Thousand Peso Bill;
f. One (1) sling bag volunteer color black.

Meanwhile, also seized from the possession and control of Restituta was one (1) fragmentation hand grenade and other personal belongings.

On a separate operation, one LEO NAIZ LACUMBO a.k.a Ole/Oli/Liang, an identified High Value Individual (HVI) and a PSR Listed 2nd Quarter 2021 being the Commanding Officer of the Regional Operational Command (ROC) and 1st Deputy Secretary of Southern Mindanao Regional Party Committee (SMRC) of CPP-NPA was apprehended by virtue of 5 different WOAs for the crime of Attempted Murder, docketed in CC# 84-2022, 85-2022, and 86-2022 dated June 28, 2022, and CC# 129-2022 and 30-2022, dated September 5, 2022, issued by Judge Carmel Gil Grado of RTC Branch 56, 11th Judicial Region, Compostela, Davao De Oro;

Lacumbo's arrest resulted in the confiscation of the following pieces of evidence:
a. One Unit Caliber .45 Pistol;
b. One (1) Steel Magazine;
c. Seven (7) live ammunition;
d. One (1) BIR-TIN ID;
e. One (1) Unit Hand Grenade;
f. One (1) piece brown wallet;
g. One (1) 50 Pesos monetary bill;
h. One (1) piece book (Ulos);
i. One (1) cellophane tobacco;
j. One (1) piece sling bag colored green and black;
k. One (1) Unit Honda RS Motorcycle; and
l. Various personal belongings.

Accordingly, he (Lacumbo) is also tagged in e-Warrant System as No. 1 MWP Provincial Level of Davao De Oro PPO and No. 1 MWP Municipal Level of New Bataan MPS Davao De Oro PPO.

Likewise, cohort JEFFREY LACUMBO ALEMANIA was placed under arrest for possession of one (1) fragmentation hand grenade and other individualized items.

This vital accomplishment of our operatives is a clear indication that CIDG under PBGen Ronald O Lee’s leadership has an unwavering commitment towards its quest for justice and peace in order to put an end to this insurgency without prejudice and bias.